Through My Viewfinder: People

So I went to a flea market today..looking at all the old vintage tablecloth..How lovely it must have looked on her table in the 40’s………….

A Blissful Journey

By trade, I was supposed to be an anthropologist. In high school, I knew so well that dealing with numbers is not my cup of tea. Instead, I always so in love with history and culture. Which then led me to choose Anthropology as my major in university. Interestingly, after I graduated, my later resume showed how I had spent many years in the advertising world as part of the creative team. The crazy bunch of kids, according to the account and media departments. Oh what can I say? It was fun and rewarding yet stressful working environment. It was kind of work hard-play hard department in an advertising agency.

Did I waste my education? Oh not at all. There is a strong connection between what I studied and worked for. People. Yes, it’s about observing and understanding people. I feel like I will always be a constant learner, a…

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