The Biggest Mistake

Ok, so last night my husband asked me”Why are you upset?”..I replied with tears…”I am so tired of people entering my world that I think are my friends, and then I end up feeling like I have to justify to them or validate my life with them…” He replied : “It’s time to clean house..If you met those friends today,,,they wouldn’t be your kind of friend!”

A Blissful Journey

Given a question: What is your biggest mistake you have made in life?


Tick tock tick tock, the clock was ticking.
The room was quiet, the brain was thinking hard.
Rewind. Stop, play. Fast forward. Stop. Rewind. Stop, play. Fast forward. Stop, play. Rewind. Play, stop.

My oh my… apparently it was not easy to answer. I made mistakes, a lot. But which one I could call as my biggest mistake? Have to think hard again. Scratch the head, bite the pen, stand up, walk around. Sit back. Stare at the wall, look out the window, back to examine the lines on the notepad. Under circumstances, I did not know it was a mistake. Called it naive or whatever. Unfortunately, it was only until certain time then I knew I had made a mistake (when you looked back and pondered).

Then finally I stumbled…

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