Beauty From the Inside Out!

Love Quote of the Day…

“The love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned.”
W. Somerset Maugham


Oh Dog! DeDe here with this week’s tip for looking and feeling your best!

This week’s tip: Cultivate relationships with supportive friends and family.

I find it sad that in a world of over 6 billion people, it can sometimes be difficult to find supportive relationships. But they are out there! When you find them, keep them.

Some of you are fortunate to have supportive family. Some of you aren’t. But you can create your own family with people who care about you.

Bad things happen. We all know that. But sharing the burden with others makes the bad easier to bear.

And the good stuff? Amazingly, it feels better to share in the joy of others than to experience one’s own joy alone.

So this week let’s make it a point to find a friend, and be a friend!

And remember to never leave home without this essential beauty…

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