Time To Make A Change

Time To Make A Change.


Time To Make A Change

We learn from where we come from..we find something going on in an innocent light-unknowingly it changes us. We need to take these changes throughout our life and become anew. The values we have attained that are positive, along with community,love, peace and faith will be the basis of what we will evolve into and be the change. the chains of the past be broken into pieces that we can learn from. By violence, abandonment. abuse, loneliness, fear, pain, isolation we become whole. In our hearts and soul is the basis to know we can be happy and by the negative forces we are impacted to believe the worse. We are who we are because of all of these. those who never experience this negativity release an abundance of happiness.A perfect example of this is a 6 month old baby. The just rejoice everyday! Without even knowing it! Lasting happiness is possible. We must find the reasons of hurt- and forgive those. We must look around at the overwhelming material and goodness we posses and show gratitude. We must believe in ourselves to know our bodies must be nourished and run at the highest of standards and figure this out  first, so that we can be thankful for the full health  and well being , and sound minds we endure. It is fine to smile,laugh, and be happy daily. Dance whenever you can..sing always, no matter what it sounds like. securedownload4h Everyone deserves to laugh till they cry at least once a day..and you should! When you are small and feel teary….think of a peaceful heart, walking on a sidewalk, seeing a stranger and smiling. Pray, show gratitude for everything in you life every hour of your day. Empathize with people even if it doesn’t make sense to you. It will heal you and them. Only be angry, if the outcome is for a good positive reason! Learn new values daily and share them as often you can without people know your’e doing it. Learn all you can from where you came from and confront it and know those are events at life that gave you the chance to be strong, bold peaceful, full and forgiving, without those beautiful gifts, we would not have the humble grace we so deserve. There will not be a better chance than today!

October Allotment Photos

Wish everybody in the U.S. had a garden like yours. It would no doubt solve many of the issues we have today..Don’t ever stop!!!!!

The Garden Smallholder


I spent a lovely afternoon at the allotment yesterday. A dull and chilly day but I didn’t feel the chill working on the plot. It was a day of weeding, harvesting (carrots, potatoes and a few pumpkins) and generally mooching around in the shed, tidying up and sipping hot tea.

allotment, allotment shed, pretty allotment

allotment flowers, blue allotment shed

We’re almost half way into October and the plot still offers plenty of Cosmos for wildlife and picking, the flowers just keep going and going until a hard frost arrives.

allotment, raised beds

I have a couple of rows of potatoes still to lift and I’ll get that done before the ground freezes.

harvest potatoes

I’m very pleased with my carrots, they’re a lovely size with straight roots and the best I’ve ever grown. Putting rabbit fencing around the plot certainly helped matters. As much as I enjoy the comedy value of pulling misshapen carrots (you do get some strange and wonderful shapes), I was determined to grow some decent carrots this year

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Happy Gotcha Day, Rumpy!

what a good dog….i love my dog too..Mans best friend….God given right to a name!!!!!!

Dogpaddling Through Life

Today is Rumpy’s 9th Gotcha Day.

It was 9 years ago today I was driving down the street in Winchester, Tennessee, and found a pup hanging dangerously close to the road. He had no cares, no tags, and no microchip. The vet estimated he was between 6 and 9 months old.

IMG_4385-0 It’s the birthday boy! Or as close to a birthday as we can get for him.

I looked for his home, but no one claimed him. So he stayed with me, Sage, and Luckydog.

Many days I regretted that decision, like when I twisted my ankle after having stepped in one of the hundreds of holes he dug in the yard. Or after coming home to find another pair of shoes chewed to oblivion. Or while burying yet another bird… or mouse… or feral cat…. he’d killed.

3 Amigos From the days when Rumpy shared me with Sage and DeDe. There’s…

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