Do you have a purpose?

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make a difference that you lived and lived well.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Always The Plan

If I had to live my life over again, my wish would have found you sooner.IMG_6651 so I could love you longer and  to see if our path would have started as babies or children, or perhaps a crazy school age crush. It seems by the way things are today,I feel like I have known you a life-time. As I look hard at my life, there are so many things you know nothing about.  Did you know I took piano lessons from Judy Nelson from 2-4th grade! I was a kindergartner at Springville Elementary. My first kiss was when I was in 5th grade by a kid who stole it in my front yard who’s named Robbie Hatridge. My little brother and I once ran away to the railroad tracks for one whole day!..I’ll bet you never knew that about me!!! I won an art contest in 5th grade, portraying the best picture of Heaven!…I’m no artist! I learned to slalom water skii when I was 11. I sang a solo when I was 14! Was in Love with 5 Mikes, 4 Daves, 2 Marks, 2 Jims, 1 Dawg,2 Steves, Only one Terry! Married 3 and one of the Jim’s was my Dog!!!..My first friend in my life was Sheryl Hingorani, and my first dog was Jack. How about this did you know I’ve been out of town 3 times while you were sleeping..Once to Lincoln, twice to the Casino in C.B. bet you didn’t know!..I wonder how many times you made me cry, laugh,angry, hurt,disappointed,.sad,..I’m sure not as many as I did you. Did you know how excited I was everyday for you to come home from work..or to go to bed with you at night? Mostly did you know the end was always the plan…I was to meet you right when I did.  You were the calm I needed, the love that I so desperately searched for- You were the provider I never had, the dad, the caregiver, the chef, the lover, the teacher, but mostly. the friend I needed just at the perfect time in my life. How happy I am it’s you!! How lucky was I to have you as part of my plan. My life over again? Perhaps it just started with you!