Life’s Challenges

  • Peacock with Outstretched FeathersI sometimes get very angry when labels are put upon people. We are all just people, not black or short or fat. Old ,stupid, or handicapped. Really Blind!?, or mentally challenged!?  Man- Lady-Child…But we do.. so We can say: Dark beautiful skin, Loves to enjoy food,Wise, and the one that has the most character, unable to walk, uses her mouth instead of her hands…sees the world differently than me! Everyday is a tough endless brave challenge, but is surviving.  Just people!!!!!  Really we all are impaired or held back in some way. It’s how it is focused upon, that people define  it, and give us labels. By having all the different kinds of individuals all around us- we as individuals must build more positive energy and try not to be segregated. I want to be accepted as I am and people accept this! We must not have to justify or PROVE are existence to any one because of an inability to adapt or meet the needs of others differences. we should work harder on finder our similarities..Right? I am here..inside…no one can ever take that away from. Dignity is very much my soul.

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