The Best Voice to get the word out:

“Now we have our next guest ,  Amy” – OK SO I WAS JUST SHAKING, MY HEART WAS POUNDING. I’M PRAYING..”GIVE ME STRENGTH”..for that instant it was good, my voice was out in the on a radio talk show..really? This is a reality check for me, because I have always wanted to do something like this…My therapist Pam..always encourages me to do what ever I want to do. What gracious people surrounding  me! I was feeling very safe. Like the sky is the limit.  Have you ever had that feeling?………… One hour, that seemed like forever…60 minutes. We just started talking  into a very easy conversation, I was able to express my thoughts to his questions and have  insight of her 0524130931_0001comments…and then the compassion I saw on her face..what a refreshing feeling, a moment of being taken back. This was real..these people want to be knowledgeable, they want current understanding..they knew the questions to ask, This just happened to be the shortest hour in my life, and two angels brought into my life, willing to be the best voice, so the world out there could maybe understand this world I am in for just an Instant…….


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