Just For ME

“I pledge  Allegiance to flag of the United states of America. and to the republic for which it stands…..”, On Friday January 20. 2017. my life changed, and so did the life of everyone else in the United States. Our Nation became new.  New is always good. Change is wonderful. We must not become stagnate, lost. or too comfortable. Change is one of the greatest things, we as humans are most afraid of. Our world would be wilted and dull without change. Change mostly gives us the feeling of loosing control. We maintain control by getting knowledge, understanding, purpose, unity, security, continuity.  We become new by adding great changes, we do it every minute, every day, every year of our lives. It makes us the better person we all strive to become. Allow the freedoms we have, the abilities we have, the differences we have, and the love we have, to become more knowledgeable and understanding human beings. To be the guidance for all people who need the ones who are stronger, and have more wisdom and strength than their own selves. We all have weaknesses. We all have strengths. Sometimes we wish for what others possess. It is time to look at our own hearts, and reach out, with out judgement or criticism. It is time to realize the innocence that we are all made from, is some greater gift we must hoard. We must learn to teach, assist, mentor, guide, stand up for, and appreciate each other in a constant mode, and lose the selfishness that has demonized our souls. I start today… I’m thankful I am a Mother, a Grandmother, and a wife, I am grateful I live in the beautiful United States. I respect my rights to vote in a free country.  Some days I wish for more, but could always do with way less. I love my husband and thankful he has a job. I try to learn something new everyday…like my father taught me. I thank all the women who marched on Saturday, knowing how hard it is for me to walk very far without my walker or cane…and hoping they marched for children, men, women, all rights for all, born and unborn, to teach us, to mentor us, to nurture us, guide us and stand up for all. Not just for women, this was for me….. only me!…..And you…well you should say that too if you weren’t  there. They did it for you too! Only you!  No Judgement, no criticism, just united together. Start today…be free, have purpose, teach, be the change….with liberty and justice for all.